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Congratulations to the Finedon team on securing the first win of the season at the Ath Club on Friday. Finedon’s man of the match was Gary Martin, who went on last and scored a very punchy 46. Earls Barton requested that their first home match be postponed, so a practice night took place instead. This gave us a chance to get the new upstairs shooting room laid out a little better, then test out the newly installed targets…
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With the new shooting season very nearly upon us, it’s been a busy couple of weeks getting the full set of fixtures mapped out, as well as giving the website it’s annual clean-up & rejig. A big welcome to Julie Parkes as our newly appointed League Secretary - she’s already proved herself incredibly useful, offering first-class help with the painstaking work of proof-reading the fixtures lists I’ve drawn up alongside the new website content. The ‘Fixtures’ section now includes a month-by-month breakdown of all planned matches. Printable versions of the fixtures for the entire season are also available in the ‘Downloads’ area. Finally, the minutes of the recent RADARL AGM (Annual General Meeting) will be posted in our WhatsApp Group later this evening, capturing all details that were agreed for the 2023/24 shooting season. The first matches of the season will take place on Friday 29th September from ~8pm - details as follows:
…and the new guest beer!
In the short term, we’ll need to adapt somewhat to the upstairs shooting room. In particular, please do: take special care on the staircase - it is quite steep take things especially steady if you’re carrying rifles, equipment, drinks, etc be mindful that head clearance is quite tight above the staircase for taller (6ft+) shooters log any difficulties caused by the new room with Jon via the WhatsApp group
Some great shooting this weekend - with Andy Corney enjoying a great run of fives and Nicola Souter securing a perfect round. Both teams were slightly short-handed this week - so names were drawn from a hat… with Andy and Nicola both being drawn to shoot again (as if they needed the practice!).
Another weekend and another fine showing. Notable performances from Nicola Souter and Andy Corney, who continued their fine run of form from last week, with Richard Stead and Ian Catling each scoring big with 47 point sessions in front of their targets.
Another weekend and another fine showing on the shooting front. Notable performances from Nicola Souter and Andy Corney, who continued their fine run of form from last week, with Richard Stead and Ian Catling each scoring big with 47 point sessions in front of their targets.
This website has been brought bang up to date. The latest changes include: results from the postponed match between Ath ‘C’ and Earls Barton which took place last weekend the return of the charts and graphs on the ‘League Table’ page some tweaks to how postponed / rearranged matches appear on the fixtures page
Excellent shooting from David Turner this Friday, saw him become the third RADARL shooter to achieve a perfect 50 point round in the post-Covid era. Congratulations on this fine feat of marksmanship!
So the 2023 shooting calendar just has one date left on it - Friday 15th December’s Christmas Fun-Shoot - when we hope to repeat the fun and success we had with last year’s pre-Xmas shindig. There’s no entry fee, but we encourage shooters to bring nibbles as we enjoy the last organised shoot of 2023. There may be a few rookie and/or old-time shooters in the range, so please give them a warm welcome and be sure to share the sausage rolls and red-hot festive chillis with them!
See you at the Ath Club from 8pm!
Friday 5th January saw two of the closest matches of the season so far - only a point or two between the paired teams. Earls Barton put in a particularly strong showing, achieving their highest score since November 2022. So 2024 is off to a solid start - wishing you all a great (and belltastic) year ahead.
Freshly back from our winter break, the website has been brought right back up to date. Some great shooting from Earls Barton this Friday, saw them edge ahead of Ath B, just as the night drew to a close. Congrats to Earls Barton for the victory - also to my Ath B team mates for an impressive run of 11 consecutive wins. This Friday also saw the closest of matches take place between Ath C and Finedon - with only a single point separating the teams. All indications point towards more tight matches throughout daffodil season ;-)
The two Rushden Athletic teams shot their postponed match (from 19th January) last night. The Ath Club now stock Erdinger Zero - a decent-tasting alcohol-free beer for anyone having a dry night.
Hope you all had a great Easter weekend - the website has been refreshed with the most recent match results, stats and charts. No more holidays planned for a while - so proper weekly updates to the website should be back during April.
Only a handful of matches remain before we wind this season down. Turning out to shoot on a Friday night when there’s still light outside does feel a bit strange! Please Note: Last night’s Finedon / Ath ‘B’ match was shot as a double, to mop-up the postponed match of 9th Feb.
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